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  • How to find sodium information?
    Every week we send an email with the nutritional information for our meal plans. We offer sodium, protein, carb, fat, saturated fat, and sugar information on each meal, for each meal plan. In order to receive that information, please visit to be added to our weekly email list.
  • Quantity of meals in each meal plan?
    Each meal plan consists of 5 meals.
  • How many people does each meal plan feed?
    Each meal plan consists of 5 meals. Each meal has been designed to feed one person.
  • What's the difference in each meal plan?
    Single Portion: This meal plan is designed for customers customers maintain or lose weight. Each meal has 4 oz of protein and can feed 1 person. Double Protein: This meal plan is designed for customers maintain, gain or lose weight depending on their nutritional needs. Meals vary between 6-8 ounces of protein and can feed 1 person. Low-Carb: This mean plan is designed for customers to lose weight or for customers who have a low-carb lifestyle.
  • How are meals delivered?
    Meals are delivered every Sunday or Monday, based off of your choice. Meals are delivered by our delivery drivers, in our delivery vans. They are delivered in a paper bag. You will receive an email the night before your delivery, with an estimated delivery time. If you are not able to be home during your estimated delivery time, please leave a cooler with plenty of ice or ice packs inside to ensure your meals stay at the proper temperature. If you do not leave a cooler and are not home during the time, a $15 cooler charge will be applied.
  • Do we use additives/preservatives?
    We do not add any additional additives or preservatives to our meals. That means our meals will only be good until their expiration date.
  • Can you freeze our meals?
    We use fresh ingredients in our meals, which means not every meal can be frozen. With fresh spinach, tomato, cucumber and more, we advise you only freeze meals that have ingredients that can be frozen on their own.
  • Can you cancel your subscription?
    Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.
  • What if I'm subscribed, but I don't want 1 of each meal?
    If you have changes to your order, please contact us before 9 pm on Thursday with your request. Any requests made after will be subject to availability. To make changes, please go through our contact form or send an email directly to
  • When is online ordering available?
    Orders can be made Monday through Friday. Our deadline for orders is 3 pm on Fridays.
  • Where do you deliver?
    Delivery Available within Carteret, Craven, Lenoir, Onslow, Pitt, Wilson, Johnson, Greene, Wayne, Johns, Pamlico, Edgecombe, Nash, Franklin and Wake County.
  • How long are the meals good for?
    Meals must be consumed or frozen by the expiration date located on the top of the lid.
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