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Terms & Conditions

Customer Care

After delivery, the customer is responsible for retrieving their meals in a timely manner and properly refrigerating them. Refection Foods is not responsible for the damage or quality of meals after the time of delivery. Failure to properly store prepped meals can result in poor quality of our fresh ingredients and sickness. 

Special Requests

Subscribe to updates for detailed information including Sodium, Sugar and Saturated Fats.


If you have specific allergies or special requests please contact us first. If approved, special request orders must be in Thursday night by 9 pm EST.


*Prepped Meals are to be consumed within 5-7 days. 

*After delivery, Refection Foods is not liable for contamination or spoilage of prepped meals if they are not properly stored or left in cooler for an extended period of time.

*Refection Foods prepped meals are to be a part of a healthy, well balanced diet.

*Nutritional information on Refection meals are estimated. Information is provided by distributors or by associated and accurate professional sources. 

*Always consult your doctor or medical professional before starting any new diet.

*Pictures of meals on the website are for promotional use only and may have changes made after based on product availability.

Payment Methods

We are a cashless business and only accept debit/credit cards. 

Our delivery drivers do not carry cash on them.

Payment Methods
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